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Creative Mushroom Table Lamp Diamond Crystal

Electrical outlet


Lampholder material: acrylic
Style: modern and simple
Size: plug-in model - three colors, charging model - three colors, plug-in model - 16 color band remote control, charging model - 16 color band remote control
Voltage: ≤ 36V

The lamp is divided into two types:
① Battery touch switch (equipped with USB charging cable) refers to the lithium battery inside which can be recharged repeatedly. After the battery is fully charged, it can be used without plugging in. It can be used for three color dimming, warm light, white light, neutral light, and long press to adjust the brightness/RGB colorful 16 color ribbon remote control
② The USB plug-in model is not equipped with a battery. It can only be used after being plugged in and connected to the power supply. The color and brightness of the lamp can be controlled through the switch. There are warm light, white light, neutral light, and the brightness of five gears can be adjusted

Packing list:

Lamp + remote control +usb cable*1