LED Spotlight RGB Pool Lamp IP 68 Pond Lighting 18W 36W


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ac transformer     dc transformer     external controller     poolhousing
1). If you plan to install several pieces RGB or RGBW lamps in the same pool,and controlled by remote, we suggest you choosing AC transformer, because it can make lamps Synchronous, DC transformer cannot do that.
2). If you only buy ONE piece RGB or RGBW lamp, or several pieces lamps in static state color(Warm White, Cold White, Blue, Green, ect), you can buy DC transformer or AC transformer.
3). If you plan to connect External RGB or RGBW controller to control your RGB or RGBW lamps, you MUST choose DC transformer, because the external controller requires DC voltage input.
4). Poolhousing(niche), can be for liner pool and concrete pool.
They are highly resistant to shock, heat and chemical attacks from water treatment products
Two terminals with screws moulded into the cup provide a rock-solid connection to the 12-volt power cable connection.
Reliable and efficient:
Its friction-welded optic lens, which has been specially developed for underwater lighting, spreads light around the pool evenly and excellently without dazzling bathers.
Its LED light source means that major savings can be made by pool users(energy savings) and also by professionals when building a pool.
A 2×1.5mm² power cable connected to a safety transformer is all that is needed to install a Goldture PAR56 lamp(savings in labour and materials).
Other Benefits:
* Low energy consumption
* Safe for children
* Saves work during installation
* Easy to install, and easy to use
* Long lifespan
* 24 month warranty
* No risk of overheating
* No risk to eyes
* CE RoHS certificated
LED Par56 Pool Light
Rated Input: AC/DC12V
Material: Stainless Steel
IP68 Waterproof(can be put into water directly)
LED Viewing Angle:120 degree
Life Span:50000hrs
Working Termperature: -40 degree to +60 degree
– Warm White(2,700-3,500K), Pure White(5500-7000), Red/Blue/Green/ RGB with remote
12x1w high power led=12W=1300lm

15x1w high power led=15W=1550lm

18x1w high power led=18W=1850lm

12x3w high power led=36W=3960lm

15x3w high power led=45W=3550lm

18x3w high power led=54W=5940lm



Package Includes:


a). if you choose the lamp in RGB color.

*1 Piece x PAR56 Pool Lamp

*1 Piece x Remote Controller (Battery is not included, you can buy it by yourself at local according to the photo below).
b). if you choose the lamp in single color
*1 Piece x PAR56 Pool Lamp

The whole fixture= PAR56 Bulb+ Housing(niche)+ Transformer.
1). If you don't have housing, you can buy from us.
PAR56 Housing link:
2). The working voltage of our PAR56 Bulb is 12V, if you don't have transformer, you also can buy from us.
Let us teach you how to choose transformer, for example, if you buy 5 pcs 18W lamps.
a). if you want each lamp with one transformer, you just need to buy 5 pcs 20-30W transformer.
b). if you want one transformer for all lamps, 5*18W=90W, which means you need to buy one transformer which is higher than 100W.
Transformer link:
1). LED PAR56 Pool Light can be single color(Red/Blue/Green/Yellow/Warm White/Pure White), and RGB color, you can see it from title, if you choose single color, there is no remote controller, if in RGB, the price already includes remote controller.
2). The lamp also can be controlled by switch on/off, wifi control, and DMX512 control, but the prices is different, if you need, pls contact us.
3). We also have GX16 pins LED PAR56 Pool Light, but the prices is different, if you need, pls contact us.
4). The lamp aboved is AC/DC12V, we also have AC220V kind, but the prices is different, if you need, pls contact us.
5). Halogen PAR56 300W also be on stock if you need, but the prices is different, if you need, pls contact us.
Instruction of Remote controller:
there are four buttoms on remote, here are their functions as below:
Buttom number one:   pressing each time, changing one color, and near the end is automatically mode, after that, the lamp will be back to beginning.
Buttom number two:    speed up the color changing speed when the lamp is at automatically mode.
Buttom number three:  slow down the speed.
Buttom number four:    power on/ off switch






Additional information
Weight1 kg
Base Type:



12W, 15W, 18W, 36W, 45W, 54W

Power Source:



fine quality

Model Number:


Emitting Color:

Blue, White, RGB with remote, Warm White






Swimming Pool

Is Bulbs Included:




Brand Name:



2 years

Place of Origin:

Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Protection Level:


Light Source:

LED Bulbs

Body Material:

Stainless Steel

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